Today, August 2, 2011, if you go to you will be blocked from the page. That is, until you ‘Like’ them on Facebook and then you’ll be treated to a Facebook page filled with videos and information on their new line of skis for the 2011-12 season. This is a wonderful use of social media to excite consumers and make them want to learn about the new product line.

Currently, K2’s website is being renovated leaving Facebook as their only online presence until the new site goes live on August 11. Using Facebook as your interim site is a great way to maintain a presence at an extremely low cost. Additionally, this tactic has two great benefits:

1) K2 is gathering more and more followers on Facebook

2) When the new site launches, everyone will want to check it out

It is brilliant really, creating this hype will help get consumers to your website when it first launches and then provides the ability to continually update them in their Facebook news feed. It is invigorating to see a personal favorite ski company put inbound marketing to use. This campaign has been blowing up on twitter to those in the know, and has continued to spread to everyday users of the product. At this time, K2 is only the third company that I have looked into for next season’s products. And why? Because they told me to!  And it looks to be working for K2, blowing away the competition with an impressive 77 thousand likes on Facebook.

Other companies and their FB followers:

  • Rossignol                                               58 thousand likes
  • Head Ski                                                 56 thousand likes
  • Salomon Freeski                                 56 thousand likes
  • Black Diamond Equipment            54 thousand likes
  • Armada Skis                                         51 thousand likes
  • Line Skis                                                43 thousand likes
  • Atomic Skiing                                    14 thousand likes
  • Volkl                                                     12 thousand likes
  • Dynastar                                             12 thousand likes
  • 4FRNT Skis                                        nearly 8 thousand likes
  • Moment Skis                                    6 thousand likes
  • Fischer Skis*                                   5 thousand likes
  • Nordica USA                                   2 thousand likes
  • Elan                                                    1 thousand likes
*eight different pages come up for Fischer on a Facebook search, I chose the one with the most followers.

Image on K2's home page at