Ten years ago, how many avid powder hunting skiers and riders knew of Las Lenas, Argentina? How many knew of Valle el Arpa, Chile? How many people today know about these places? Hopefully a lot more now that the Freeskiing World Tour is heading back to South America. And this year, Red Bull has put their brand on the opening stop of the tour labeling it the Red Bull Powder Disorder. Keeping inline with the tradition big lines and big cliffs, this stop will include man made jumps for even more action.

Las Lenas employee Sofia Fernandez Madero explains “the natural characteristics of our mountain and the climate favor our position as the off-piste Mecca in this region.” WHY ARE WE NOT THERE NOW?! For the last two weeks I have read nothing but posts about the deep untracked pow being skied down south, and I can’t help but wonder how I did not know about it. I knew racers have been going to Chile for years to rack up some summer speed miles but had no grasp on the magnitude of the pow.

With the freeskiing big mountain scene gaining steam, red bull putting their stamp on it, and endless tales of freshies I expect travelers to consider a trip south next summer for skiing rather than an expensive heli trip to Alaska. It isn’t uncommon for dedicated enthusiasts to head to Europe for a ski trip during the winter, but I expect to see that same demographic heading to South America for summer time skiing in the future.