ESPN online writer Devon O’Neil recently told the world about Tanner Hall’s new app for iphones, ipads, and Macs set to hit the store in time for the X Games. I am super excited to see how ‘Tanner Hall Half Pipe Skiing’ will work for users as Tanner hopes it will offer a much more realistic experience. The first app will be free, and hopefully followed by an urban rail game, a backcountry freeskiing game, and an advanced pipe-skiing game for $0.99.

Following suit with Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater there will be other pro skiers featured in the game, all decked out in actual product. As game developer Dave Howard says “If they’re playing the game and they like the jacket he’s wearing, they can actually go purchase that jacket.” This is an excellent avenue to merge entertainment and sponsorship to help increase visibility and drive sales. On any given day in the terrain park, one can already spot a slew of kids wearing the same outfit as their favorite pro. If this app goes as planned, it can spread to more urban areas with less hype and access to the skiing community. And lets face it, no one knows how to look good in cold weather better than skiers and riders.

If the first game goes well and generates productive feedback, I think we will see the follow up apps kick ass. I look forward to putting angry birds down and picking Tanner Hall Half Pipe Skiing up.